RTMP Cloud Server

RTMP Cloud Server

Для приёма RTMP сигнала с локаций.
Простая установка, низкая задержка.

RTMP Cloud Server совместим:

LiveU and Teradek VidiU

Our clients successfully use RTMP Cloud Server to receive signals from portable encoders, especially from Live and Teradek VidiU. The signal arrives in the Studio production with the least delay, which is very important for news content.
It should be mentioned that after testing, Live engineers included RTMP CloudServer in the official whitepaper(«recommendation») for LiveU Solo.
Chinese encoders Kiloview and URay are also supported

vMix, OBS, Wirecast

Many of our clients use vMix / OBS/ Wirecast software mixers. RTMP CloudServer can receive a signal from them, as well as send a signal to them over the NDI Protocol. For example, you can send a signal via OBS to the Studio and output it to vMix via RTMP CloudServer for further production.


Older models of DJI drones support RTSP streaming, which makes it possible to transmit a signal over Wifi in RTMP CloudServer.
This type of capture is easier to set up and does not require wires or additional capture cards. This is especially true if you need to capture multiple drones.


GoPro Hero 7 was able to stream over RTMP.
This allows you to use it in conjunction with RTMP MiniServer.
In this case, the stream from the drone via Wifi is transmitted to the RTMP Mini Server and then to vMix as an NDI source.

This allows you to get an image «on the fly», for example, from an athlete’s helmet.


Modern smartphones are often used by our clients as additional cameras. Apps like LarixBroadcaster make it easy to stream content to the Studio.
For example, you can organize a network of mobile reporters in this way.


At the output of RTMP Mini Server generates NMI stream which is supported by many systems used by Federal and regional TV channels. In particular, TriCaster and Forward.

Some TV channels use RTMP Mini Server including for receiving signal from the service Ruptly.tv for subsequent submission to TriCaster or Forward by NDI.

Output to SDI devices is also supported (Windows version only).

RTMP Cloud Server Особенность:

Прост в использовании

RTMP Cloud Server создавался как решение которое можно запустить в работу в течении нескольких минут. Никаких конфигураций и сложных настроек.


Как и большинство серверов, RTMP Cloud Server требует выделенный IP адрес. Как правило, большинство студий подключено кабельным интернетом и их провайдеры без проблем предоставляют выделенный IP.
Основная проблема возникает если студия, особенно мобильная, подключена к интернет через 4G/LTE соединение.
В этом случае получить выделенный IP практически не реально.
Для решения этой проблемы мы добавили Proxy-Addon.


RTMP Cloud Server в силу своей специфики позволяет добиться низкой задержки по сравнению с альтернативными вариантами.
В большинстве случаев задержка может быть ниже 700 ms.

Например, мы посылали сигнал сами себе через сервер в Европе (используя ProxyAddon). Сигнал возвращался в NDI Monitor. Задержка составила 665ms.

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